I have had many successes and many failures but the successes definitely out weigh the failures.  The lesson learned here is: fail fast and never repeat the same mistake!

Graduated from Richfield High School.  A lot like Mark Twain, “I never let schooling interfere with my education.”  I always took school seriously and I took every AP class the school offered but it wasn’t enough.  I ordered books and magazines and I also bought my first computer in 1980, a Sinclair ZX-81.  By the time I graduated I had won hundreds of awards for science fair projects, and I had 8 scholarships waiting.  I had lived on my own for 2 summers at Fishlake lodge and I worked for an engineering firm where I designed, surveyed and analyzed asphalt content for the road built just outside of  Teasdale, UT to Boulder mountain road.  I did all this before I was 19.

– 1983

Served an LDS Mission to the Lansing Michigan Mission.  I started training other missionaries after only 7 weeks.  I trained my entire mission!  This experience completely changed my entire outlook on life.  I will be forever grateful for this education.

1983 – 1985

Worked at DHI Computing (a mainframe shop), Snyder Computer Center, and Orem City as a computer operator. Graduated from UVU with an AS degree in Accounting,  Wrote a complete accounting system, and got a BS degree from BYU in Business Management/Marketing.  I started my business selling computers and writing software.  I created Loan Help, Business Lister, Chamber Master and sold 100’s of copies.  I also got married and had my first child!


Worked at North West Pipeline during a turbulent recession and the first war in Iraq.  I gained excellent corporate experience supporting 700 computer users onsite and offsite users.  I did get a little spoiled flying in the corporate jet.  There is nothing like driving to an uncrowded hanger and then taking off whenever  everyone arrives. I was the key technologist in bringing an Integrated Desktop with OS/2 in a $6 million implementation.  I assisted in putting all the systems and software for 2 major pipeline expansions and had $150million+ run through systems I developed myself. I was awarded the president’s award for my efforts on a pipeline expansion, but I had moved before it could be delivered because I saw the opportunity of the Internet.  I launched my first webserver on the Internet which at this time was a big deal because the technology was so new!

 1991 – 1995

I have done a great deal in the last 17 years.  I’ve built over 1 million webpages, hosted hundreds of business websites, consulted many companies and built systems that helped them grow quickly. I have been an interim CTO with my CTO Rental program for companies like NACVA, Drawnet, FamilyIQ and Answers4.  I’ve built a SaaS CRM that has had over $250 Million transacted through it.  I am an Internet marketing expert and a membership site expert. I have 20+ web properties that I maintain currently.


Starting in August of 2014, I went from volunteer girl’s high school coach to a region championship and then a state championship, I moved in to the head coach position for both girls and boys tennis teams. I was awarded girls tennis high school coach of the year in 2015. I then added coaching tennis at a local country club where I was able to run the desk for 20+ USTA tournaments. Then I added being a volunteer coach for a D1 Men’s Tennis Program and helped them to the best season they have ever had in the history of the program.  In three short years I went from a high school tennis coach, to country club pro instructor, to coaching D1 University tennis! I also released and do the live streaming of tennis events for Universities.



There you have it. A quick peek into my life.  Can’t wait to see what the next 20 years will bring, but I can guarantee, it will be nothing short of magical!

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