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I'm on a mission to make every business I work for a better place.  This means better customer relations, increased customer satisfaction, improved onboarding, more streamlined internal processes, more automation, better employee relations and ultimately more revenue for the business so the business can fulfill it's mission the way the owner envisioned.

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Digital Marketer

I've been marketing online since 1995. Most of my experience is in organic traffic. I specialize in SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Email, and Chatbots.

Product Manager

Coming up with products from the conception of ideas all the way to building a functioning product that finds success in the market place is something that gives me great satisfaction.

Course Creator

I love to teach! Creating live or online training allows me to use my many talents.   I get to create graphics, video, and content and put it all together in a format that takes complex ideas and simplify them helping people expand their skills and knowledge.

I've Worked with a Company or Two

With more than two decades of experience I have enough experience to sprinkle amazing everywhere I go ;~)

I've been using search engine optimization since 1996 to pick up clients and sell stuff. I have many #1 rankings for keywords that I'm targeting and can do the same for you! See Real Results
Social Media 
Ask me how I used social media to become a D1 college men's tennis coach. Yep, I use many social media platforms to get what I want.
Content marketing is all the rage, but it is a long term strategy that I use that gives long-term results.
I somehow consistently get an average 36% open rate to cold email. Email marketing still works (kind of) you'd think I was a spammer with all the emails and tests I've done. And no, I'm not a spammer!;~)
Local Marketing
Local marketing is for local businesses but watch my case study video to see how I increased revenue by 1000% for a custom wedding cake business in less than a year.
When chatbots are implemented correctly they can decrease customer support calls and increase your lead flow. Ask me how I've used them with great success. Checkout the chatbot on this page!
Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine to Google and getting Youtube videos ranked still takes a bit of work but it is well worth it! I use cool software that makes this easier.
Marketing Automation
I always try to automate as many of the marketing functions as possible so your marketing can scale and work even when you don't. I can implement that in your business.

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Product Marketing Planning 
I have developed product marketing templates that I use when creating a new products. This is where I start all new projects so we have a roadmap to follow. Take a look at my template. I have various versions based on the type of product.
Customer Facing 
I love interacting with the customer (internal or external) in identifying market needs. I can facilitate and run those meetings. I'm flexible enough to change my current process to match the business' process.
Messaging and Positioning 
Messaging and positioning of a product is probably the most important thing to get right for the success of a new product. It is also something you have to test and continue to iterate to get right.
Coming up with a new way to look at things is so much fun for me. I always looking for new and better ways at doing things. I'm always trying to improve every process and I'm never satisfied.
Working with Developers
I've managed up to 12 developers at a time and know their language since I've been a developer myself. Motivating a development team or any team for that matter just comes naturally.
Working Across Departments
It can be challenging getting buy-in across various departments because other departments might have different agendas, but I use all my logic and people skills to get everyone on board and I can even do this with a virtual or remote audience!
Product Launch 
All the work I do upfront in the product/marketing planning phase pays off once it is time to launch the product to the marketplace. I have used multiple product launch sequences for both physical and digital products.
From sales scripts and marketing emails and automation to customer onboarding and support. I will see it all the way to the end.

Products I Have Created

Here is a short list of products I have created from concept to a marketable product that has found success in the marketplace.

Happy Customers
eLearning Software 
If I need to package up training that isn't using a Saas like teachable then I'm using Articulate to add quizzes, gamification and interactivity in an online learning environment. Here's something I threw togther just for you!
Our society has changed drastically with shortened attention spans and our ever being entertained which requires that I use video in all my online courses. So I 've gotten good at it!
I don't know if I mentioned, but I have a home studio with all the latest and greatest audio and video equipment. If you have bad audio, you have a bad course. I make sure that doesn't happen.
Content Creation 
I have a system for this. I'm currently developing a course on this very topic! Wait till you see it- it will be awesome!
Screen Capture
I would say that 95% of my courses are created using screen capture and letting you "look over my shoulder" how to perform a certain task. See an example.
Software Demos
Most of my course creation has been for software demos and sales videos, but I still take an education approach so the viewer benefits with increased knowledge.
Creating a killer presentation is a must for online educators. I like to start my presentation journey with Powerpoint!
Live / Virtual
I can also train live in-person or virtually. I have presented nationally, live on stage and virtually on Zoom to large audiences.

I'm a remote working professional. You'll never wonder if I'm really working, because you'll see results!

Here's My Home Office that Doubles as a Virtual Stage